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Qunata at TokenNews Philippine Conference -Media Coverage

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Isle of Man-based regulated lottery project operator Quanta participated in TokenNews Philippine Conference in late August, and the event was featured by various online media channels.
UpgradeMag: https://bit.ly/2LVhzNx
eVolved: https://bit.ly/2oBqSsL
BitChikka: https://bit.ly/2Ce0gaT
Quanta’s Marketing Director Shogo Ishida made a speech on the project overview, along with its impact on the traditional lottery and gaming industry during the conference.

Other blockchain projects such as COINCOME and Infinito Wallet also joined in the event.

Quanta’s token QNTU is already trading on other cryptocurrency Exchanges such as Lykke, HitBTC, Bit-Z, and Bitopro.