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Interview with AIS at Seoul’s Blockchain Event -Daily Coin News

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Alternative Investment Security Coin(AIS)’ Director Chikashi Kondo was interviewed by Daily Coin News during Seoul’s blockchain event (BBR) for its project strategy, including its Exchange business plan in Mongol. 
AIS concluded MOU with Mongol’s NI Bank in Mongol and established Ni-EX this September in Mongol to start pre-sale in October, and would open the exchange in early next year.

  • AIS Overview

AIS project plans raising funds up to around JPY 500m via its pre-sale, and its planned Exchange use Ni Bank’s secured network server.

  • Why Mongol 

Mongol has only one cryptocurrency Exchange. AIS had a tie with local bank director and high rank government officers. Mongol is in the perfect environment for cryptocurrency mining, as an  average temperature is 19 degree in Summer time, and an electricity is about half price of China.

  • Participated in Seoul’s blockchain event

I received an invitation from Sammy Ahn at Lucid Crypto when I met him in Japan, according to Kondo. AIS was keen on how people in Korea would react with the project. So, the project decided to attend ‘global crypto-blockchain VIP party’ held by Babeldog and sponsored by Lucid Crypto and BBR, he added.  

  • South Korea’s Potentials in Crypto Market

South Korea is more active in cryptocurrency than Japan, though China is a huge crypto market. A large number of blockchain-related events are held, and there is a potential  growth in South Korea, Kondo expected.

  • Plans in Vietnam

Meeting with blockchain developers.