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Monthly Update  ーCentrality

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Centrality(CENNZ), the decentralized community platform operator, summarised its activities in September.

  • Centrapay

Centrapay is working hard on new APIs and hooks for merchant-to-merchant payments.  It has also been working on new types of multi-sig authorizations to make multi-step payment processes run smoother.

  • SingleSource

SingleSource had received its first two government agency approvals. It is now an official Identity Confirmation Service intermediary for the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand, and has also been granted access to the Drivers License Verification Service with NZ Transport Agency.

  • SingularX

SingularX has commenced a UI revamp of light mode to improve the platform’s performance and user experience. The platform will soon become a production app and no longer be in beta mode.

  • Sylo

It has been a packed month for the Sylo team, releasing their closed alpha, which is now being put through its paces by a very savvy set of testers.
Featured dApps

  • Causality

Over the last month Causality has been working on the “Blockscan” Ethereum to SQL and Blockscan Full Node APIs project.

  • Arda

Arda’s AppleWatch Series 3 app is now live to a group of private beta testers.  In B2B news, Performance Lab would support the Vi 2.0 coaching headset, using Arda’s cloud-based planning logic for personalized training plans.
Centrality’s token CENNZ is trading on SingularX, Cryptopia, ForkDelta, Coinswitch, and HitBTC.