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Listing Announcement Party in Tokyo -KINGS

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KINGS, a blockchain-related project aiming at the cashless(payment) transaction system, organised a special gathering on October 5th.
The event was held in Mercedes me Tokyo, and the number of attendees was around 300 during the event.
KING Group CEO David.H.Tamaki and KINGS ASIA CEO Ma Hua talked on the project’s overview, along with its roadmap such as partnership strategies during the party.
KINGS group is also aiming at expanding its Asian resort development business primarily for wealthy Chinese people.
KINGS, managed by Hong Kong Sky King International Investment, is a project aiming at introducing virtual currency into a real-world payment infrastructure, with its main features, including “Speedy transaction and stable infrastructure”, “Offline usage and payment technology”, and “no
volatility risks”.
KING, its ERC-20 token, started trading on BITNOAH Exchange from October 11.
by Genta Nakanishi