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NEO Updates

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NEO’s update summary as below :

  • NEO sponsored and mentored the BSL Hackathon 2018 in Santiago, Chile
  •  NEO Blockchain Challenge – Tokyo was held in Tokyo, Japan (Link)


  • NGD was invited to attend the International Blockchain Conference 2018, India’s biggest blockchain conference, in Hyderabad, India
  • The first NEO Blockchain Game Competition awards ceremony was held in Shanghai, China

Interviews & Livestreams

  • Erik Zhang was interviewed by Zhiqin Xiong, co-founder of Chain View (Video, English Transcript).
  • Erik Zhang participated in a TokenClub livestream, detailing the story behind NEO (Video with English subtitles).
  • Da Hongfei participated in an interview with Honeycomb Finance, addressing recent concerns about NEO (Link) .
  • NGD general manager, Johnson Zhao, participated in a livestream with Honeycomb Finance about NEO and its global community. (Link)
  •  NGD senior R&D manager, Malcolm Lerider, shared his insights about several community concerns in an interview with Brad Laurie, an Australian Youtuber (Video, Summary).

External Relations
 NEO founder, Da Hongfei in Japan

  • Nobuyuki Idei, former president of Sony, who foresaw a promising future for game development on the NEO blockchain.
  • Naohito Yoshida, chair of Eole and developer of the Sony Playstation 1, who also showed an interest in game development on the NEO blockchain.
  • Hongfei and Johnson also visited companies such as: Anypay – a mobile payment solution provider, Layerx – a blockchain company, Monex Group, CTIA and bitARG.

New team members

  • This month Stacey Li joined marketing & community department as PR & media manager. Stacey was a co-founder of “ZKChainNews” and has rich media resources and PR experience. She will be responsible for PR and media management of NGD.