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BBC Meetup: Token Economy#14, Wallets

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Blockchain Business Community(BBC), a Japan-based study group with a primary focus on the blockchain’s business adoption, organised its meetup in Shibuya Tokyo on November 1.
The meetup focused on cryptocurrency wallets such as new features and security, given the recent hacked incidents in various cryptocurrency Exchanges.    
BBC’s Operation Manager Kifer Yang talked on Wallets Status and Trends.    
Lawyer Shuya Nomura made a presentation about the regulations on cryptocurrencies and wallet. Nomura is also Chuo University Law Graduate School’s Professor and an advisor at Japan Cryptocurrency Practitioners Association(JCPA).
BCoin CMO Wendy Lim and Infinito Wallet Product Marketing Leader Ellena Ki also made a presentation on the current market trend for cryptocurrency Exchange and cryptocurrency wallets, along with the project overview for each during the event.
The networking party was held after the presentations.
The number of attendees was around 70.
by Genta Nakanishi