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New Crypto Trading Platform, Signaling as Keyword -Knoks

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Knoks, an Ethereum blockchain-based project, is aiming at developing a new cryptocurrency trading platform with signaling and algorithms as key functions, according to its official site.
Knoks Platform Basic Scheme :

  • Knoksers*  provide signals.     *Signal Providers
  • Traders will be the ones purchasing signals from providers.
  • Knoksers must provide some information such as trading pair, exchange, entry/exit price range, stop loss and signal duration.
  • Knoksers may also provide optional information such as technical and fundamental analysis. By not including at least one of these, the price of the “knok” (signal) will be reduced.
  • A well thought out Discovery tab will allow traders to find knoks for sale.

Knoks Platform Main Features :

  • Discovering knoks(signals) on a dedicated tab
  • Following knoks progress from the “Ongoing” tab, with an easy-to-track interface in graphs and statics
  • Checking previous knoks on the history tab in statistics

Knoks platform would improve the overall look and feel of the whole signal trading market, giving it a professional edge where users have full knowledge in terms of what they are purchasing, and can better understand the risks that a certain signal may pose, as its strength with an easy-to-use interface.
by Genta Nakanishi
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