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Project Update -Centrality

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Centrality(CENNZ), a decentralized community platform operator, summarised its recent project updates, according to its website.   


It has its order book on chain and performs order matching on chain with great performance. It captures the benefits of a centralised exchange for advanced trading options. The contracts and SDKs for CENNZX are being developed and released internally.

  • Sylo

Sylo team confirmed a deal for their protocol to be used by an external project to develop out a brand-new business communication solution.

  • SingleSource

The product team released their closed alpha, which is being put through its paces by a very savvy set of testers.

  • Featured dApp

The use cases of Neighborhood’s technology have become much clearer to people once they see what the solution is capable of. Neighborhood has signed Partnership Agreements with a number of household names in the conveyancing law space, as well as advanced discussions with banks and real estate agencies.