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Wowoo: Wowoo Exchange’s KYC Process -Update

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Wowoo, a blockchain-based service platform project for its community members, announced that Wowoo Exchange’s KYC approval process started on November 25th, according to its SNS.
Wowoo Exchange is aiming at a truly global and compliant digital assets platform via partnering with various regulated Exchanges in the form of JVs and franchises to provide pair-trading of all digital assets for users in a cost-effective manner.
The Exchange uses YOTI’s KYC approval system. YOTI is a UK-based digital identity platform provider for completing ID and multifactor approval. Adopting YOTI system will allow one-stop approval among several exchanges, with security and simplified procedures for users’ benefits.
WWX, Wowoo Exchange’s token, will be distributed accordingly per approved accounts.

Wowoo Exchange will handle a number of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies while the Exchange would acquire various types of trading license each country to manage security tokens. The implementation of STO support system is also planned.
-Account Registration Flow-
1. KYC registration App: set your phone number, passport/ID, facial photo on YOTI.
2. Add your address and contact information on YOTI App.
※For email address confirmation, it will be difficult to identify your account and make a delay in processing your information if your email address is not identical to the email address which receive WWX information.
3. Read QR-code with YOTI App. QR-code is on account opening page in Wowoo Exchange home page.
4. Wowoo Exchange will verify your information.
※ Your exchange account opening will be completed when KYC approval is granted(After Early December).
・Authorization process of registered information is scheduled to start around the beginning of December. It will take time for validation result to be revealed.
・The information above is about opening exchange account so it is different from KYC (Secondary Verification) for pre-applicants.
※Regarding KYC (Secondary Verification), it is currently under final adjustment.
-Manual URL-
-Account Registration Acceptance-