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Crypto Summit, 3rd -Switzerland

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Crypto Summit-3rd was taken place in Zurich during late October, according to its official site.
Swiss-based blockchain company SMART VALOR, along with Congrex Switzerland, are organisers for Crypto Summit.
Europe’s premier blockchain and cryptocurrency conference is aiming at bringing global influencer, policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs to lead an open dialog and shape the future of Crypto.
Movers and shakers in the blockchain market shared real industry examples and impressive evidence for the big wave of blockchain adoption which would disrupt finance and other industries.
Ripple’s SVP Kahina Van Dyke talked about how Santander is switching its international transfer system to Ripple. This is a leading example for how banks are starting to deploy blockchain tech for settlement and switch to alternative blockchain-based payment systems.
Ethereum Co-Founder and ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin shared his insights on building out the Ethereum network and what it’s like to be living in exponential times.
Other speakers included Network Effects Media CEO Michael Casey, Pantera Capital Co-Chief Investment Officer Joey Krug, LDG Capital Founder David Drake, in addition to SMART VALOR CEO Olga Feldmeier.