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Swissborg(CHSB): Blockchain Unchained Vol. 2 -INVESTING -Tokyo Meetup

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Swissborg(CHSB), a lised blockchain project for crypto wealth management, organised its blockchain event in Tokyo, according to the media sites.
The event was taken place in late July and it was named as Blockchain Unchained Vol.2-Investing.
The topic was “EDUTAINMENT” meaning that the attendees would be EDUCATED from top blockchain experts.
Global Experts from NEO, VeChain, Tezos, MyToken, Helix Orange, Telcoin among others participated as a guest speaker during this time.
While Swissborg’s researcher talked on the current trend in cryptocurrency market, MyToken’s marketing head Sara Zhu delivered a presentation on its crypto market app MyToken’s overview.      
The panel discussion by these blockchain experts was also held during the event.
The number of attendees was over 300, according to the media sites.  
Swissborg’s token CHSB is trading on major cryptocurrency Exchanges such as HitBTC and YoBit.