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NEO:Initiating Open Blockchain Foundation with USD 1.8m Donation

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  • Supporting Academic Blockchain Research
  • Shaping Blockchain Technology  

NEO, a China-based blockchain project, started Open Blockchain Foundation(OBF) with its USD 1.8m donation, according to its blog.
OBF is an independent neutral foundation, with a mission to support the blockchain technology R&D in general.
NEO’s Founder Da Hongfei made a speech with an announcement of its donation during June’s Crypto DevCon conference, taken place in California US.
Prof. ZHANG Shoucheng, the Honorary Chairman and President of Academic Committee of OBF, was also cited as saying that some blockchain projects or companies would be willing to donate a portion of their funds to support academic research.
OBF’s mission  is to support frontier academic researches in blockchain technology with the funds raised from blockchain industry, Shoucheng said during the event , adding that finding solutions to Quantum computing resistance, a currently popular topic, would be also a  part of the mission to shape the future of blockchain technology.
NEO token is listed on major crypto Exchanges such as Binance and Bitfinex.