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DISCIPLINA: Blockchain in Education -VentureTimes

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DISCIPLINA, a multifunctional blockchain-based project for education, was briefed, according to the report by Japan’s VentureTimes.
DISCIPLINA is aiming at storing confidential information such as the courses, students’ tasks, grades, and test results in the fields of education and recruitment.
The project’s test network is functionally limited, as it is still in the alpha-version, but available for using on DISCIPLINA blockchain. The alpha-version is able to create a single profile, where users will store their verified data on both educational and professional achievements. Source code is also available on GitHub.
DISCIPLINA’s Student App Features :

  • Reviewing the academic history of all the educational institutions a student has ever studied
  • Reviewing the assignments given by teachers
  • Uploading completed assignments for grading


  • Creating a universal blockchain that will store personal achievements in a digital form and guarantee permanence and credibility
  • Offering an effective algorithm for candidate search by the fields of expertise
  • Developing a mechanism of monetization of the data stored by the educational institutions

An incubator developed by DISCIPLINA project team. Campus will help DISCIPLINA-based blockchain projects via various supports, including investments.