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NEO Update

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NEO’s activities summary as below.

  • Technological Development:

Core updates,

  • Add constant storage for NeoContract
  • New smart contract API: System.Runtime.Platform
  • New smart contract API: Neo.Account.IsStandard
  • New smart contract API: Neo.Transaction.GetWitnesses
  • Allow the RPC server to bind to local address
  • Allow client certificate to be checked on the RPC server
  • Allow setting additional GAS to be used in RPC commands invoke* for RPC server
  • New CLI command: claim GAS [all]


  • Fixed a bug in the RPC server
  • Fixed denial of service with bad UPnP responses



  • Interviews:

Da Hongfei in an interview with South Korea’s  MK Maeil
(http://m.mk.co.kr/news/headline/2018/667900 – mkmain)
Johnson Zhao, The potential power of blockchain technology to change the world”in an interview with Finland’s  Helsingin Sanomat. (http://public-share.me/p/23-10-18/79c6bce2.html)
Johnson Zhao in an interview with Malta’s  EAK TV. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGA1bOTYO4x-x3oedSx39qA)