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Blockchain Technology: Tokenization/Public&Private Keys -Quanta

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Quanta, an Isle of Man-based regulated lottery project operator, explained blockchain technology’s basics as below.

  • Tokenization:

A blockchain storage tokenization system allows users to upload, share, and monetize their content, leverage the network economy while minimising the costs of relying on a centralized third party or other costly intermediaries.

  • Public & Private Keys:

Blockchain is secure by nature. Key address are made up of a long string of random numbers and letters, which helps to avoid identity theft as the addresses are not directly associated with the key owners’ true identities. Private keys are more secured as the combinations are longer, and are an effective way to replace weak passwords.
Quanta’s token QNTU is already trading on other cryptocurrency Exchanges such as Lykke, HitBTC, Bit-Z, Bit0Pro, and Cryptopia.