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MyBit Overview -Excerpts

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MyBit, an Ethereum-based blockchain project for wealth management applications, summarised its project overview, along with token details.

  • Background and Vision

MyBit was founded in July 2017 and is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and the team has over 15 full-time members located across the globe and countless additional freelance contributors.
MyBit’s goal is to make wealth management easily accessible and affordable to everyone while following principles of decentralisation to ensure no one person or group has full control of capital (flow), ownership, or data.

  • Products

The MyBit Network is the foundation of the entire MyBit Project. The MyBit Network is a business logic layer on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, which in turn becomes a protocol for building wealth management applications.
The MyBit SDK provides any developer the ability to easily interact with the MyBit Network and build decentralised financial applications.
The DDF is a tool developed between a collaboration with MyBit and Status.im. It is designed to move development reliance away from the MyBit team and to the community.
MyBit Go is an investment platform that automates broker functions through smart contracts.
MYDAX is a decentralised exchange where users can buy, sell, and trade cryptographic assets without relying brokers or having to store funds with a third-party such as an online exchange.

  • Token

Token Name: MyBit
Symbol: MYB