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Partnership with Nxchange to Launch Regulated Exchange -Lykke

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Lykke, a Switzerland-based blockchain business company, announced to partner with Dutch-based securities exchange platform Nxchange to launch a fully regulated tokenized securities exchange in Europe, according to its press release.
The partnership will see the potential for any asset or security – equities, bonds, loans, and investment products to be tokenized and traded on the blockchain infrastructure all within a regulated and compliant environment, which will provide all users with the peace of trust required to invest in assets, and guarantee the rights of all users such as dividends and  asset ownership within a securely regulated environment.
The proprietary Lykke Nxchange wallet will provide the storage vehicle, and its users will able to access and trade their digital assets on the exchange from anywhere in the world.
Nxchange has recently announced the collaboration with large institutional partner ABN Amro clearing bank in developing the blockchain bank account where transactions can be settled real- time against fiat currencies.