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Wowoo’s New Token Wowbit Classic, Airdrop Planned

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Wowoo, a blockchain-based service platform project for its community members, announced additional information on Wowoo’s ERC20-based new token Wowbit Classic(WWBC), according to its SNS.
Issuing new token is aiming at increasing community confidence and transparency, along with Wowoo’s platform development.
Details on Granted (Airdrop) to WWB Holders are as below.
Issuing Conditions:
– Wowoo will NOT conduct any pre-sale or crowdsale regarding WWBC.
– WWBC should be tradable. However, as it is mainly issued for project owners within Wowoo community, and the supply will be strictly managed.
Grant (airdorp) Conditions:
– Granting (airdrop) rate will be maximum of 3 WWBC towards 1 WWB
– This is NOT an unconditional grant (airdrop) to all WWB holders, however, Wowoo will not ask WWB holders for  joining the program. Wowoo will ask for someone who wishes to be granted to improve the community such as platform registration and twitter following.
– WWB must be deposited in Wowoo platform. Further details will be announced accordingly.
NEO and Ethereum cross chain granting (airdrop) technology has not been established yet. So, Wowoo must create the platform first to manage users’ WWB. The granting (airdrop) is scheduled to be conducted at the end of this year based on the platform development schedule.
– There are certain selling restrictions (lock-up) for WWBC obtained from the granting (airdrop).
The main purpose of issuing WWBC is SAC’s speedy development, given the planned government related projects including US and Malaysia.