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5,000 Infinitors Gifted with 12,500 QNTU Tokens Each This Holiday Season!

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Registration for Quanta’s QNTU Airdrop has successfully ended as of 9 AM UTC, 21 December 2018. Originally meant to be a two-week program from 21 December to 4 January 2019, registration quota of 5,000 users, started at 6 AM UTC, was quickly filled up in merely 3 hours – much faster than they could have ever expected! 12,5000 QNTU tokens will be distributed to each of these early birds later from 5 to 19 January, so please sit tight.
Previously this April, Infinito Wallet and Quanta announced formal collaboration on the joint project London Block alongside other industry leaders Coinfirm and Blockpass. Quanta, the world’s first licensed blockchain lottery, has signed contracts to acquire a stake in International Lottery and Gaming Limited (ILGL), concluded the world’s first deal to see a blockchain lottery company acquire a traditional lottery company. Join their Telegram for more updates: https://t.me/quantaofficial
Community Airdrop Program: Many Free Tokens as Gifts for Infinitors
Infinito Wallet officially launched Community Airdrop Program on 29 November via version update 2.1. Their goal is simple: to serve as the most powerful and secure Universal Wallet service crypto community worldwide that also deliver many free gifts to its users.
It takes zero effort to get free Airdrop tokens on Infinito Wallet. Just follow this simple guide below:

Before QNTU, the Universal Wallet also offered three other Airdrops for users: PASS, XOV, and CTC. XOV and CTC Airdrops, in particular, maxed out their registration quotas of 25,000 users in merely one week despite being two-week Airdrops. Their team also hosted various free EOS account registration campaigns for global communities – one of which was in a joint effort with EOS Community Partners JEDA,  HKEOS, EOS Arabia, EOS Nairobi, and EOS Philippines – successfully created more than 14,000 EOS accounts for new users in total.
Many more exciting Airdrops are coming to Infinito Wallet’s Community Airdrop Program, so please keep an eye out for them always! How? By following their official Telegram channels, available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Here, you will also receive all the latest news on wallet development as well quick support from their team.
On the other hand, if you are an ICO interested in hosting your own token Airdrop on the world-leading Infinito Wallet with more than 300,000 users globally, sign up for their Community Airdrop Program today: https://airdrop.infinitoservices.io.
**Please note that Infinito Wallet serves solely as an open platform for users to register and receive free airdrop tokens. Their Community Airdrop Program does not serve to endorse or vouch for the quality of any Airdrops or Token Issuers listed. Please do your own research and carefully consider before engaging with any cryptocurrency businesses.
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About Infinito Wallet

Positioning as a leading universal wallet for crypto users, Infinito Wallet serves as a gateway for users to maximize usage and potentials of their cryptocurrencies. By selectively expanding their partner network, Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of practical blockchain services including exchanges, ID/KYC solutions, and other blockchain-related business services. At the same time, they help support communities of developers and businesses with an open blockchain infrastructure of technologies and compliant-ready services, so that they can seamlessly build, launch, and operate innovative products and services efficiently.
Infinito Wallet’s core development team of blockchain R&D experts has intensive professional experience. Currently, their organization consists of more than 300 members including developers, designers, business and marketing specialists. They are promoting research on infrastructure for cryptocurrencies and developers utilizing blockchain.
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– Telegram: https://t.me/infinitowallet
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– Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfinitoWallet
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About Quanta
Quanta PLC is an innovative blockchain-oriented company, that utilizes smart contracts in order to ensure fully automated and transparent blockchain-powered solutions.
Quanta PLC owns Quanta Technology Limited, the operator of the world’s first licensed, blockchain-based gaming company on the Ethereum platform. Its products, including gaming platform, random number generator, token-centric payment gateway and game wallet are blockchain powered and certified to ensure utmost trust and transparency in the gaming industry.  The company employs Smart Contracts to offer full automation and integrity to lotteries.
With the support of QNTU, the utility token, Quanta leverages services to strengthen the customers engagement. QNTU is currently trading on five renowned cryptocurrency exchanges such as Lykke, HitBTC, Bit-Z, Cryptopia and BitoPro.
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– Telegram:  https://t.me/quantaofficial
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quantalottery
– Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/quanta_plc/
– Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/13465831/
– Visit: https://quanta.im, https://quantaplc.im or www.myquanta.im for Quanta’s lottery product.