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HelloGold Update -Summary②

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HelloGold(HGT), an Ethereum-based and gold-backed platform project, announced  project updates, according to its Telegram.
●HelloGold is using Ethereum as it is currently the most widely accepted platform that offers all the benefits of a blockchain.
ーHelloGold needs a transactional blockchain with a powerful system of smart contracts which have the ability to ensure that a transaction can combine with the results of previous transactions to provide audible consistent results.
ーThe Ethereum blockchain will be run on a private network to guarantee the privacy of HelloGold’s customer, avoid paying infrastructure fees per transaction, reduce transaction latency and avoid the risk of independent developers adding their own contracts onto the HelloGold Blockchain.
ーThis means that HelloGold and the other nodes will control the block times, ensuring customer gold transactions are completed efficiently.
HelloGold’s token HGT is also listed on major Exchanges such as HitBTC.