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Isle of Man as Ideal eGaming Location -Quanta

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Quanta, an Isle of Man-based regulated lottery project operator, said that Isle of Man is an ideal destination for eGaming, according to its SNS.
The project’s Chief Technology Officer Kostas Farris explained that the Island is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic and reputable jurisdictions in the eGaming industry during the panel discussion at eGaming Summit in last year.
Kostas also emphasised that there are many different operators and organisations eager to contribute to its growth, in addition to the Government’s commitment to developing the industry.
Quanta has much to offer with innovative achievements in blockchain technology development.
Quanta Lottery has already brought impressive benefits to the industry as its blockchain technology provides collected data into multiples nodes in a decentralized network. As a result, there’s no single point of failure but rather high protection against security breaches. Credibility is hence established and the element of trust can successfully be brought into the gambling space.
Meanwhile, Quanta’s unique RANDAO random number generator also has a full potential to revolutionise lottery playing in eGaming. Its advanced blockchain-powered solution can help build the future of digital clusters in the Isle of Man.
Quanta’s token QNTU is already trading on other cryptocurrency Exchanges such as Lykke, HitBTC, Bit-Z, Bitopro, and Cryptopia.