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KINGS, a blockchain-related project aiming at the cashless payment  transaction system, announced an update for its group’s cruise and resort business, according to SNS.
VIP luxury resort membership brand KINGS Cruise & Resorts, operated by KINGS,  teams up with marina’s and resort hotels and VIP’s to sell cruises and the rights for resort developments in the Asia Pacific area.
KINGS GROUP has already acquired exclusive development rights and the land for hotels in locations such as Dubai and Okinawa in preparation for major events such as the Dubai Expo and the Tokyo Olympics.
KINGS will work with membership clubs that charter over 100 mega yachts and super yachts along with resort facilities in Dubai and Japan.
Club members will be able to access facilities such as resort hotels, guest houses, and mega yachts.
KINGS Cruise & Resorts would accept fiat currencies and KINGS token KING for membership.  
KING is trading on BITNOAH and BCEX.