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Blockpass Named Open Identity Exchange Org Member

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Blockpass, a blockchain-based KYC platform operator, became a member of non-profit, cross sector membership organization Open Identity Exchange last January.
Blockpass stated in a press release that its goal of developing digital identity for the internet of everything aligns with OIX’s projects that aim to resolve issues related to identity.
Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass, said that the exchange will allow the company to grow and meet other businesses in different sectors and industries that are also working on projects associated with digital identity.
“[Blockpass’] goal of realizing an identity for the Internet of Everything will be of interest to our existing members and the wider identity market,” added OIX Chairman Don Thibeau.
Blockpass uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to offer shared regulatory and compliance services for humans, companies, objects, and devices, according to its website.