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Nauticus, Etherparty Partner to List FUEL Tokens in Mid-2019

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Nauticus, an Australia-based blockchain project for banking and e-commerce service, announced last January that its exchange platform will list Etherparty’s FUEL token in mid-2019.
The listing partnership is part of Etherparty’s goal to work with companies interested in extending the use of blockchain technology to the public.
“Nauticus Exchange is on the forefront of the future of how exchanges should operate, being transparent and collaborative,” Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Etherparty, said in a press release.
Users of the Etherparty platform utilize the FUEL token to make transactions and execute smart contracts using templates.
Etherparty issued one billion FUEL tokens after completing an initial coin offering in late 2017.
The Canadian firm currently employs a smart contract ecosystem, which includes the Rocket 1.0 platform, designed to help new companies organize Token Generation Events.
Other Etherparty projects in development include the Rocket 2.0 and Hero platforms, as well as the Saturn supply chain tracking service.