Home News Nauticus Adopts PayID/Osko Payment Service for Australian Customers

Nauticus Adopts PayID/Osko Payment Service for Australian Customers

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Nauticus has adopted the PayID or Osko system to streamline the money transfer process into its exchange platform.
Through the new system, the money of Nauticus’ Australian clients will be credited to their respective accounts within 24 hours every day, including weekends.
Nauticus cited the following steps that its Australian customers should follow to use PayID/Osko to fund their Nauticus account:

  1. Log on to Nauticus Exchange and navigate to Australian dollar (AUD) deposits
  2. Enter the Nauticus Pay ID into your bank’s interface. At present you can choose either our email PayID or our phone number PayID.
  3. The system will let you know that ‘NEX’ has registered that Pay ID.
  4. In the comment/description field of you bank’s interface, ensure that you include the Unique Deposit Code generated by Nauticus.
  5. Hit Pay or Send.

BPAY, an electronic bill payment system in Australia, launched the Osko service in February 2018 with the goal of helping Australians quickly and efficiently transfer and receive money.
Osko operates in partnership with more than 60 banks and financial institutions in Australia, according to its website.