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Blockpass Launches First London Meet-Up

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Blockpass, a blockchain-based KYC platform operator, has launched the first of its series of meet-ups in London, according to its website.
Held at the Cocoon Global co-working space, the meet-up consisted of presentations from Blockpass team members about security token offerings and their legal side, as well as the Blockpass Security Token Offering Platform and its benefits.
Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri presented the company’s vision and answered questions from the audience.
Blockpass will hold its next London meet-up on March 6.
The company is also set on organizing a series of meet-ups in Hong Kong, the first of which will be held on Feb. 21.
Blockpass will additionally hold a Blockpass Seminar: Security Tokens event in Hong Kong on March 15 and London on April 25.