Home News HelloGold Launches in Thailand, Introduces New KYC Feature

HelloGold Launches in Thailand, Introduces New KYC Feature

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HelloGold, an Ethereum-based and gold-backed platform project, has officially launched the HelloGold app and a digital marketing campaign in Thailand, according to its website.
The launch comes as the project initiates its SmartSaver program and sign up promotions to Thai customers.
HelloGold also recently introduced a KYC feature to help users efficiently sign up and use the app using their personal information.
The new feature was developed after the project’s data and performance marketing teams found that their customers refused to provide their personal information prior to using the app.
“This new feature is expected to impact positively the customer acquisition funnel, particularly the bottleneck that used to be associated with KYCing,” HelloGold said.
The release of the KYC feature aligns with HelloGold’s Chinese New Year marking promotions.