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Blockpass to Hold Security Token Seminar on March 15 in Hong Kong

Blockpass, a blockchain-based KYC platform operator, will host a seminar on security tokens on March 15 in Hong Kong.

The event, formally titled “Blockpass Seminar: Security Tokens”, will cover several topics relating to security tokens, such as:

  • The difference between STOs and ICOs
  • Policy, legal, and regulatory compliances issues related to STOs
  • The future of stock exchanges and clearing houses
  • Necessary infrastructure to make STOs mainstream
  • Projects that will be disintermediated and made more efficient

Blockpass organized the seminar in an effort to educate influential people such as blockchain-based investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and academics about security tokens.

The event is part of a series of seminars that the company plans to regularly launch throughout 2019.