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LIFEX Update -Wowoo

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Wowoo, a blockchain-based service platform project for community members, summarised Wowoo group’s medical project LIFEX’s update, according to its SNS.
LIFEX has started developing its own blockchain network after its 1st-round offering, and its development has been operated by a team with the core council member lead by OKWAVE’s subsidiary OKEISO.
OKEISO’s lifelog information platform, combined with blockchain and decentralized secret storage technology, has been well known in Japan. Utilising its technology and knowledge, LIFEX would build an efficient blockchain network for handling LIFEX’s medical data with authenticity and maintainability.
LIFEX is aiming at bringing solutions for various issues occurred in the medical industry by sharing big data obtained from blockchain technology while enhancing the development of new medicine and the  expansion in the medical industry.