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NEO: Go Language(Golang) in Smart Contract Development

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NEO, a Chinese blockchain platform project, announced its smart contract development to adopt Go (programming )language, according to its blog.   
Go language(Golang) smart contract framework has launched in mid-2018, developed by the open source development community City of Zion and it has become NEO’s 3rd major programming language framework followed by C# and Python.   
Golang is optimized for programming multi-processor system applications. Programs compiled with Go can match the speed of C or C++ code, are more secured.
NEO developer LikKee Chong wrote a tutorial on writing smart contracts using Golang. The tutorial teaches how to build the NEO private chain and publish smart contracts.
NEO aims at providing freedom and choice to developers as an open source blockchain project.  
NEO token is trading on major Exchanges such as Binance and HitBTC.