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Community Update -OmiseGO

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OmiseGO, a blockchain-based payment platform project, summarized its community update, according to its blog.

  • Warsaw Ethereum Meetup

Presentation on the path to More Viable Plasma (MVP) . More Viable Plasma is a specification developed out of the OmiseGO research team.

  • ETHIS in Hong Kong

OmiseGO’s Plasma Researcher David Knott, OmiseGO’s Plasma Researcher presented “Stepping Outside the Square” to enterprises and developers at the Ethereum Industry Summit: Scalability and Industry Integration (ETHIS). The conference mainly focused on Ethereum technology and industry development.

  • eWallet Suite and Plasma workshop in Shanghai

Following the launch of Neutrino Beijing on the 10th of September, OmiseGO conducted an engaging workshop on the eWallet Suite and Plasma the following day at Neutrino Shanghai. The Plasma session was an epic three hours of Q&As covering Plasma implementations, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), stablecoins, hashed timelock contracts (HTLCs) and more.

  • FIN/SUM x REG/SUM in Tokyo

OmiseGo CEO Jun Hasegawa attended Japan’s largest fintech summit and conference — FIN/SUM x REG/SUM in Tokyo where he was a panelist on ‘The East Asian Crypto Landscape’ panel moderated by Nikkei Inc. Fellow panelists included Coinbase, QUOINE and Tomatsu. FIN/SUM is the largest and most influential fintech summit in Japan where leaders in the global finance and tech industries meet, and disruptive innovation from across the globe is promoted. He  talked about OmiseGO’s work and his views on the crypto/blockchain tech landscape in East Asia.
OmiseGO’s token OMG is listing on major cryptocurrency Exchanges such as Binance, HitBTC, and Bithumb.