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Wowoo Exchange Hosts First Official Meetup in Bali, Indonesia

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Wowoo Exchange, a Singapore-based digital assets exchange, successfully held its first official meetup at the InterContinental Bali Resort in Bali, Indonesia, on March 1 to 2.

The exchange kicked off the event by organizing a casual affair on the first day to allow its management team and the guests to socialize with each other.

On the second day, Wowoo Exchange’s top executives provided in-depth presentations about the exchange’s developments and achievements to date, as well as its plans in the future.

Wowoo Exchange CEO Willie Chang spoke about the exchange’s regional strategy and its progress in acquiring licenses to operate, while Chief Operating Officer Ashish Varma updated guests about the current features of the platform in terms of security, liquidity, scalability, and performance, among other things.

Varma added that Wowoo Exchange will possibly enable social trading and futures trading in its platform in the future.

Lastly, Chief Strategy Officer Abhishek Majumdar explained how the exchange will implement its go-to-market strategy, as well as possibly handle security token offerings in the future.

Wowoo Exchange additionally introduced its management team to all of its guests, entertained questions about the project, and shared that it is reviewing the idea of issuing a new token to existing WWX holders soon.