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Consensus Node Update -NEO

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NEO, a Chinese blockchain platform project, announced an update for its consensus node to speed up the decentralization progress, according to its official site.
NEO consensus node page contains a portal for consensus node application for  NEO holders to file applications per instructions in the documents.
The page is a valid source of candidates information and running status of consensus nodes for NEO holders to access to govern NEO network in an informed way.
NEO Holders may choose to vote in on the candidates and the consensus nodes to enhance the NEO’s decentralized governance.
The current 7 consensus nodes running on the NEO MainNet consists of 6 hosted by NEO Foundation and 1 hosted by NEO developer community CoZ.
The 7 nodes on the TestNet is made up of 2 maintained by NEO Foundation, 1 by NEO Global Development, 2 by CityOfZion, 1 by KPN and 1 by Swisscom Blockchain.
NEO token is trading on major Exchanges such as Binance and HitBTC.