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Prudensolve Becomes Coinfirm AMLT Token Network Member

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Coinfirm has announced on its website that its AMLT Token Network has been expanded with the addition of Prudensolve, a company specializing in the recovery of blockchain assets from malicious activities.

The partnership is part of Prudensolve’s goal of countering scams related to cryptocurrencies.

As an AMLT Token Network member, the information technology-focused company can share data about nefarious action-related addresses in the past.

The AMLT and Coinfirm data team will then verify Prudensolve’s data submissions and reward the Polish company with tokens that can be used to purchase tools for blockchain asset recovery investigations.

“Prudensolve is exclusively focusing on solving a major need in the crypto space and one that obviously ties into some of what Coinfirm and AMLT are pushing towards,” said Grant Blaisdell, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Coinfirm.

Maksym Chrost, founder of Prudensolve, also noted that the collaboration will allow the company to share information about fraud and related activities in a broader effort to safeguard users and the integrity of the crypto economy.

The AMLT Token Network allows its members to report addresses and evidence related to malicious actors in the cryptocurrency and traditional online financial ecosystem and be rewarded for it in AMLT, according to Coinfirm’s website.