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JaCKET by Japan Content Token

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JaCKET is a platform, developed by Singapore-based firm Japan Content Token, that uses blockchain technology to improve and organize the distribution of tickets or reservation rights to cultural spots and events in Japan for tourists.

The computer software, which is part of Japan Content Token’s JCT Project, is designed to reserve or issue tickets for foreigners who seeks to visit or book hotels, restaurants, events, and experiences in Japan.

The JCT Project also intends to make a secondary market of reservation tickets, meaning ticket buyers can reserve tickets and resell them in the future to acquaintances or third parties.

JaCKET will fulfill purchasing and reservation rights through smart contracts, enabling the fast but sure reception of ticket sales amount, fee settlement, and collection of cancellation fee, among other things.

The token issued under the JCT Project is called JCT Token, which, as of March 2019, is already listed on Bitaladdin, BitForex, BitMart, Cybex, FCoin, LATOKEN, p2pb2b, and Simex.

The JCT Token can be used as fees to perform the ticket distribution and cash assets or as a payable compensation for selling tickets.

It can also be used to make some settlements coming from distributions on the JaCKET platform.

The JCT Project is already being applied to three businesses: Otatalk for Japanese subculture, After the Podium for the upcoming Japan olympic and paralympic games, and CAMP on PARADE for camping activities in Japan.

Through this project, Japan Content Token aims to boost the number of new and frequent travelers visiting Japan.