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Wowoo, OmniSparx Partner to Enable Community Collaboration Worldwide

by Monica Padillo

Wowoo has partnered with OmniSparx to promote collaboration among decentralized communities around the world.

OmniSparx’s collaboration infrastructure, which aims to straighten out problems with authentication, communication, incentive in global collaboration, will be the basis of the partnership, Wowoo said in a press release.

“With OmniSparx’s infrastructure, we aim to connect the organization’s community team with developers, influencers and other people who contribute to the project, and have the ability to directly reward them,” said Fujimaru Nichols, founder and CEO of Wowoo.

Nichols added that OmniSparx’s platform will also help Wowoo’s communities connect with other blockchain-related projects worldwide.

“The ability to organize, communicate, govern, advocate and exchange value through a distributed community is the key model for our times,” added Camille Landau, CEO of OmniSparx.

Wowoo’s communities focus on various industries such as medical research, food, artificial intelligence, sports, political action, and music.

OmniSparx is a Chicago, Illinois-based firm that aims to support the development of decentralized ecosystems.