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Nauticus Exchange to Airdrop $2.3 Million Worth of KED Tokens

Nauticus Exchange announced on its website that it will airdrop over 100 million KryptEd tokens to its users.

Each exchange user is qualified for one claim, which is equivalent to about 2,200 KED tokens collectively worth AUD $50.

Nauticus is offering an additional $25 worth of Nauticus Coins for accounts who will use the ‘25BUCKS’ referral code.

The exchange also noted that it will airdrop 4,400 KED tokens collectively worth $100 to users who will be able to sign up and verify their claims before April 14.

The KED token airdrop will end on May 15.

KryptEd is an organization that uses the Ethereum platform to provide education about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

KryptEd students will be rewarded with KED tokens for every peer-review that they submit for assignments.

Read more about KryptEd’s project on its website:

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