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Binance, Nebulas to Hold NAS Tokens Competition

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Binance has partnered with Nebulas to organize a competition in celebration of the launch of the Nebulas NOVA 2.0 mainnet.

The cryptocurrency exchange platform announced on its website that the competition will be divided into two segments: balance holding and trading.

For the balance holding competition, all Binance users holding at least 1,000 NAS tokens on April 24 are eligible to win NAS according to the result of their NAS balance divided by the total NAS balances from all users where NAS holding is greater than 1,000 NAS, then multiplied by 20,000.

For the trading segment, the top 50 traders will share 30,000 NAS based on the proportion of their NAS trading volume against the total trading volume of the top 50 traders throughout the competition.

The rewards will be issued within two weeks after the competition ends.

Read more about the terms of the competition here: