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IOST Launches OnBlock Platform

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IOST, a Proof of Believability consensus algorithm-based blockchain network, announced via Medium that it has launched a platform that enables users to access decentralized applications in the IOST ecosystem.

The OnBlock system is designed as an easy way for beginners without extensive knowledge about blockchain to navigate IOST.

Users are required to provide only their mobile number to utilize DApps on OnBlock.

“OnBlock platform continues to guarantee the decentralization and immutability of transactions, not only maintaining the experience for advanced users, but also enabling new users to explore changes brought by blockchain technology,” IOST explained.

The first DApp game on OnBlock is Endless Game, which is a virtual arcade that features classic games such as Pac Man, Street Fighters, Mario Bros, and Terminator.

According to its website, Endless Game players will be rewarded with Endless Tokens as their “proof-of-play”.

Endless Game aims to distribute its profit from in-game item sales and advertisements to all token holders everyday.

Read more about the DApp game here: https://endless.game/faq