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HitBTC Supports EOSDT, NUT Tokens

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Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC recently reported on its website that it has listed the EOSDT and NUT tokens.

The exchange has also enabled trading of EOSDT with BTS, ETH, EOS, and DAI, as well as NUT with BTC, EOS, and USDT.

EOSDT is an EOS-based decentralized stablecoin supported by digital assets that a secure Equilibrium smart contract stores.

The stablecoin can be generated when Equilibrium framework users deposit their collateral on a self-service gateway.

EOSDT can be used for earning more capital, preserving user holdings value during market turmoil, and lending and borrowing, among other things.

Meanwhile, NUT or Native Utility Token is the utility currency of the Equilibrium framework.

NUT can be used to organize governance processes, pay fees, claim liquidated collateral at a lower price, and vote for block producers.

Read more about the EOSDT and NUT tokens here: https://blog.eosdt.com/equilibrium-review-a-stablecoin-that-is-overcollateralized-above-170/?utm_source=blog.hitbtc.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=hitbtc