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Dapp.com Cites New Rising DApps (As of April 2019)

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Dapp.com, a platform for decentralized application or DApp-related content, enumerated via Medium five new DApps that the public can try out.

The DApps are the following:


CanWork is a platform that anyone can use to source various digital services such as software engineering, graphic design, content writing, digital marketing. Both service providers and clients can join the CanWork community for free.

This DApp also takes only 1 percent in service fees when clients make a transaction.

CanWork issues the CanYaCoin or CAN token to power the platform’s payment system.


Triip is an application that allows users to conduct private tours and share their travel plans and experiences to other travelers. Triip creators will be rewarded with TriipMiles or TIIM tokens for their submissions. The tokens can be used to purchase travel deals.

Triip creators can create and list their triips for free. Triip will deduct a processing fee from the Triip creators’ successful bookings.


DApp DEX is a decentralized exchange platform where users can trade their ERC20 tokens. It currently only supports SDAD/ETH, CDLT/ETH, and PMT/ETH trading pairs.