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Nauticus to Support Vanbex FUEL Token Airdrop

Australian digital currency and fiat exchange platform Nauticus disclosed on its website that it will support Vanbex’s two-week airdrop event for 5 million FUEL tokens.

The airdrop will be conducted from May 9 to May 23 in celebration of the FUEL token being listed on the exchange.

Nauticus users must trade a minimum of 3,000 FUEL or more, as well as hold a minimum of 1,000 NTS throughout the competition period to be eligible to get one entry for the airdrop.

Nauticus can accept multiple entries from a single user.

Vanbex Labs, formerly Etherparty Smart Contracts, was established in 2013 as a strategic communications company but turned into a consultancy laboratory.

The firm seeks to help companies adopt blockchain technology to drive innovation in society and for the economy.

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