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IOST Announces New Partnerships for Improved DApp Development, Maintenance

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IOST has agreed to collaborate with two companies to improve the development and maintenance of decentralized applications on the IOST blockchain platform.

IOS Foundation reported via Medium that blockchain middleware provider Chainlink will integrate its solutions into IOST to support developers seeking to building cross-chain DApps on the blockchain.

“Partnering with Chainlink is aligned with the vision of IOST, which aims to build a truly decentralized blockchain platform,” IOS Foundation said.

The Singapore-based firm also announced on Medium that it has partnered with Bluehill Foundation to finance the IOST Featured DApps Support Program using the Pioneer Fund.

The program aims to technically and financially support developers in upgrading the DApps they have launched on the IOST mainnet.

To apply for the initiative, interested developers need to submit their operation objectives such as account number, traffic, and daily active users.

They also need to present their required resource support, budget estimates, and campaign timespan and type and content mainly for online operations.

IOST will provide 70 percent of operation budget in the early stage of the program and the remaining 30 percent once IOST’s assessment of the DApp operation performance matches with the DApp team’s respective objectives.