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Lykke, GENTWO Collaborate to Securitize LyCI Tokens

by Monica Padillo

Lykke and GENTWO Digital have partnered to turn the former’s utlity token into a securitized product.

The Switzerland-based cryptocurrency exchange announced via Medium that traditional financial market entities can now invest in the LyCI service token, which has become an open-end index tracker that comes with a Swiss International Securities Identification Number code.

“The new Lykke index open-end tracker comes complete with a Swiss ISIN code, thus making it easily accessible for qualified (and also large-scale) investors, but still harnessing the power of the blockchain-based innovation,” Lykke explained.

LyCI is also priced and rebalanced regularly.

The securitized token can potentially boost the adoption of blockchain among investors.

Lykke CEO Richard Olsen noted that the new product will guide investors into the pathway of digital assets and link traditional finance with “the blockchain-based future”.

GENTWO Digital is a subsidiary of GENTWO that support businesses in displaying their digital assets such as initial coin offerings, tokens, crypto assets, and portfolios as bankable financial products with a Swiss ISIN.