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IOST to Host XPET DApp Game in June

by Monica Padillo

XPET Monster World, a pet strategy battling decentralized application game, will be launched on the IOST mainnet in June.

Under their newly-formed partnership, XPET will contribute to the growth and development of the IOST blockchain by participating in the IOST Partners Program, IOS Foundation reported via medium.

“This partnership between IOST and XPET will utilize each others’ advantages to maximize the decentralization and high liquidity features of blockchain games compared to traditional games, and bring our community members a quality blockchain gaming experience,” IOS Foundation added.

The XPET game has been operating on the EOS blockchain for almost a year.

Launching on IOST will enable the XPET team to explore the cross-chain operation of blockchain games, cross-chain trading of blockchain game assets, and cross-chain circulation of tokens, according to XPET Co-Founder and Chief Operation Officer David.

He also noted that the XPET team will connect users on the two blockchains to promote their mutual connectivity, as well as use XPC, XPET’s game token, as a mediator.