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Binance Lists Theta Fuel Token

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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has listed and paired Theta Network’s token, Theta Fuel, with other cryptocurrencies.

Binance announced on its website that it has opened trading for the following pairs: TFUEL/BNB, TFUEL/BTC, TFUEL/USDT, TFUEL/TUSD, TFUEL/USDC, and TFUEL/PAX.

Theta is a decentralized network that seeks to support video platforms in improving viewer engagement and incremental revenues, as well as differentiating their content and viewing experience from their competitors.

The blockchain platform rewards users with incentives when they submit redundant computing and bandwidth resources as caching or relay nodes for video streams.

Theta aims to solve the “last-mile” delivery problem, which is the main bottleneck for traditional content delivery pipelines, especially for high resolution high bitrate 4k, 8k and next generation streams.