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Tron Sees Steady Increase in New DApps, Forms Partnership With Opera

Gambling DApps largely contributed to the increase of DApps that were launched on the Tron blockchain in the past week, according to TRON.

The blockchain platform disclosed via Medium that the number of DApps on TRON increased by 22 from last week to 392, with gambling DApps and decentralized exchanges as the dominating categories among the applications.

TRON and Chinese-owned browser Opera also officially announced their partnership last May 15 as part of the latter’s effort to make Web 2 more inclusive and easy to use for users worldwide.

The collaboration involves Opera supporting TRON’s TRX and other TRC-standard tokens within the browser.

TRON noted that ETH and ERC tokens are already supported on Opera’s Crypto Wallet.

“The integration of the TRON tokens within Opera’s Crypto Wallet will allow hundreds of millions of Opera users to play TRON games and access TRON dApps within the browser,” TRON explained.

TRON CEO Justin Sun also noted that the partnership will allow Opera users to access DApps on the TRON blockchain.

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