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Dapp.com, CoinUs Team up to Expand DApp Industry in Korea

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Dapp.com announced via Medium that it has partnered with South Korea-based cryptocurrency wallet service provider CoinUs to bring more decentralized applications to a wider Korean audience.

Under a memorandum of understanding, Dapp.com will provide the necessary application programming interface for the Dapp store, which is a service that will be launched within the CoinUs mobile app.

The move will enable CoinUs users to log into the Dapp store with the CoinUs wallet without additional authentication.

Users will also be given access to different decentralized apps, social platforms, and exchanges.

The Dapp store will initially support EOS DApp browsers, then move to Ethereum and TRON DApp browsers.

As part of their partnership, CoinUs and Dapp.com will coordinate about Korea’s DApp industry, as well as programs on expanding the DApp ecosystem and pushing for mass adoption.

Kyle Lu, founder and CEO of Dapp.com, noted that CoinUs provides users with a simple method to set up accounts on Ethereum and EOS, which will help beginners manage their crypto assets and explore DApps.

Lu added that collaborating with CoinUs will help Dapp.com expand its business in Korea.