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ConsenSys Introduces Job Kit for Aspiring Blockchain and DApp Developers

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Blockchain software company ConsenSys recently released a kit that will help developers interested in entering the blockchain industry create decentralized applications on the Ethereum network.

The New York-based firm explained via Medium that it developed the Blockchain and Dapp Developer Job Kit to address the growing interests of businesses in blockchain and blockchain developers.

The 22-page educational pack is intended to guide aspiring blockchain developers in the career of blockchain development and the pay that comes with it.

ConsenSys noted in the Blockchain and Dapp Developer Job Kit that developers should be familiar with programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and Solidity to be able to build applications on Ethereum.

For backend/protocol work, aspiring blockchain developers should also have sufficient knowledge in Go, Rust, Java, .NET, C++, and Ruby.

The kit also provides a glossary, as well as some additional resources that will help developers hone their Ethereum programming skills.

According to a LinkedIn report as cited by ConsenSys, blockchain developer has started becoming a sought-after job in the U.S. since there has also been an increasing amount of interest around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency this year.

In fact, the ranking of the blockchain developer position in the list of emerging jobs in the U.S. in 2018 has risen 33 times over the previous year.

Additionally, ConsenSys mentioned that various kinds of companies, from small remote teams to big technology firms such as IBM, Ernst & Young, and Oracle, have begun their search for employees to fill blockchain-related roles.