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Japanese DApp Game Crypto Ninja Goes Live on OnBlock Platform

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Crypto Ninja, a strategic blockchain game developed by Japanese firm EverSystem, has been launched on IOST’s OnBlock platform.

OnBlock reported via Medium that Crypto Ninja players will be rewarded with 5,000 Evergold, the treasure in the game, for each successful registration without any hard cap until June 3 at 3:00 a.m. UTC.

IOST launched OnBlock on April 28 as a way for people without extensive knowledge about blockchain or crypto wallets creation to navigate IOST.

Interested users only need to register their phone number to access DApp games on the IOST ecosystem.

OnBlock is designed to will help “smoothen the actual resource consumption for users, but also ensure fair and transparent transactions on the blockchain,” according to IOST.

CryptoNinja can be played in two ways: attack or guard the castle from ninjas.

To attack, players need to buy a ninja and choose then attack the castle they want to sneak in. If players choose to guard the castle, they are required to set various traps to defeat the ninjas.

Crypto Ninja joins Endless Game and LiarGame in the roster of games on the OnBlock platform.